Tuesday, 12 March 2013

odds and sods

last of my "angel/demon" OCs: Voice (Left) Mercury (Centre) and Kagi (Rght)

Voice (whose real name he cannot convey) is under a vow of silence so uses the language of hands to talk to others. His real voice is destructive, causing deafness or death so he lives alone.

Mercury, former lover of White, was an optimistic young soldier but was unable to continue active combat after he was maimed by White. His eye removed and the socket cauterized so it would not regenerate. (in this universe most injuries can be healed)

Kagi is a historical record in the form of a person, the theory being that it would be able to protect itself from being stolen buuut....Kagi is kind of weak, and frequently abducted.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Einu, White and Univa

Nearly done with this section of my OCs. Here's Einu (Left), White (centre) and Univa (right)

A relatively tame set up for these guys~!

White is one of my oldest OCs and personal favourite; he made his own soul mate, Univa who is literally his heart - so the two are virtually inseperable for practical and affectionate reasons. Being in a relationship with himself suits and egotist like White, and feeling cocky , he also made a copy of Univa - the result being Einu.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Gabriel and Tobias

More OCs: Gabriel (Left) and Tobias (Right)

Gabe is a depressive guy, prone to mood swings and violent tempers while Tobias is his eternally patient but strong-willed partner. The two "met" within the consciousness of Cagliose, a being created by the fusion of their souls and whose survival is dependant on the two of the remaining together.

Cagliose "Leo" (left) is a sweetheart, but lives unaware of his true nature and his physical instability

Shin and Leo

More OCs, here are Shin (left) and Cagliose "Leo" (right)

This is probably one of my “happy” couples. They’re both nice guys, and end up adopting a kid in their future.
…That said, Leo is made up of two other characters (who sort of exist in his mind/soul) one of whom is an old nemesis of Shin’s called Gabriel…he doesn’t know he is sleeping with the enemy! The other half is Tobias. I need to draw them all together soon <3

Friday, 8 March 2013

Mercy and Malice

Trying to play with my own characters for a while, but haven't drawn these two in so long! 
Malice (left) and Merciless (right)

As children, Malice and Mercy were part of an experiment to utilise savage creatures / demon / monsters hoping that a human host could control supernatural powers.

The only two test subjects to survive, Mercy and Malice were hosts to a monster split into two halves that would continually try to re-assimilate. Though not related by blood, Malice saw Mercy as a brother and was horrfied by his constant need for physical contact and growing sexual advances. Fighting against his conscience and battling the will of the creature inside himself , Malice was soon overpowered by his "sibling". As the older teenager, Malice was held responsible for their indiscretion and imprisoned, where years of confinement made him resentful.

Presently Malice is in his thirties, newly released (escaped ?) and in pursuit of his brother, Merciless. Merciless has been living with White, under the name of "Mercy" unaware of his missing sibling or even the existence of the other half of his monster.

Friday, 1 March 2013

working on a gendebent non-con picture with one of my guys and Cruuzuu's Sakari.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Cum home soon, Kazario!

...so Kaz had the last Naruto slot but as he was suspended, I decided to draw some OC lovin' instead. Can't wait for you to come home soon, Kazario, we miss you and your meaty guys!

I'm on an OC binge so left it to my stallion Tobais to extend the hand(shake) of friendship to Kazario's purple haired OC, Willard.